How to run Homeschool Tracker on Linux (or Mac)

Here is how to run the latest version of Homeschool Tracker on a Linux operating system.

> Homeschool Tracker Basic
1. download and install the latest version of Wine (Mac users see here)

2. Once Wine is installed: Open Terminal, paste the command “wget” and hit enter.

3. when that is complete, paste this command an hit enter: “sh winetricks dotnet20”. Accept any licence agreements and stuff that it wants you to.

4. and lastly paste this command an hit enter: “sh winetricks mdac28 jet40”. Same thing for licence agreements.

5. Now download Homeschool Tracker Basic

6. run the Homeschool Tracker .exe that you have just downloaded. Accept the License Agreement and choose your options.

7. Install will finish. Now all you have to do is run Homeschool Tracker, the icon should be on your Desktop or your Applications menu.

Homeschool Tracker Plus
1. download and install the latest version of Wine (Mac users see here)

2. Once Wine is installed: Open Terminal, paste the command “wget” and hit enter.

3. when that is complete, paste this command an hit enter: “sh winetricks dotnet20 dotnet35 msxml16 gdiplus gecko vcrun2005 ie6 vcrun2010 mdac28 jet40 corefonts” Accept any licence agreements and stuff that it wants you to.

4. Install your copy of Homeschool Tracker Plus by running the .exe  It will install.

5. Open “Configure Wine” from your wine menu. Add the Homeschool Tracker executable (it should be located at /home/”your user name”/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/TGHome/HSPlanner/HSPMain.exe) and set it’s version to Windows Vista.

I tested this on Ubuntu 10.10 with Wine 1.3.5. I can not guaranty the same results on other distributions or configurations although they “should” work the same.

Note: When using all the above commands do not include the “”.


9 Responses to How to run Homeschool Tracker on Linux (or Mac)

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    ED Anywhere has completed its review of your website, wants acknowledge a seal of approval of your website and services. We agree with our homeschool families that your blogs and articles are found to be beneficial for our home school families. In reading the several articles that you have provided for the public, we see you as an example and contributor with excellent insights for our homeschool families.

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you!!! It worked perfectly (I’m also running Ubuntu).

  3. My wife bravely attempted to follow these instructions. Being the resident geek, I got called in. Here are a couple points that you might want to clarify:

    POINT 1. Ubuntu users can/should install Wine via the Synaptic Package Manager.

    Why? Because this way allows you to get automatic updates whenever Wine gets updated. And, it’s easier. 🙂

    Find this under the System > Administration menu. Just search for “wine”, right-click and select “Mark for Installation”. Then click “Apply” to get it installed.

    While Wine is listed under the Ubuntu Software Center, we weren’t able to install it from there.

  4. POINT 2. Make sure you get WINE installed first.

    If Wine isn’t installed first, “winetricks” will give weird errors, like: “empty string”. My wife thought we had WINE on this box, because her old box had it and she thought I’d put everything on her new laptop that was on the old one. (My bad.)

  5. POINT 3. Make the HomeSchoolTracker executable.

    After you download the installer for HomeSchoolTracker, you can’t just double-click it to run it, like you can on Windows. (This is one difference that actually makes Linux more secure and less vulnerable to viruses.)

    Right-click on the installer file (named something like Basic25R1.exe) and select Properties. Select the “Permissions” tab and put a checkmark in the “Execute” checkbox.

  6. POINT 4. Run the installer with WINE.

    Ubuntu may try to open the installer EXE with the Archive manager. This won’t help you install the program.

    Instead, right-click on the installer (named Basic25R1.exe or similar) and select “Open with Wine Windows Program Loader.” That will run the installer. (The first thing it does is extract the files inside it. Then you’ll get a standard installation wizard to click through.)

  7. OK. I’m done. 🙂 I hope that helps someone. And thanks for posting this. I was very gratified when my wife chose to learn how to install Windows programs on Ubuntu. 😀

  8. Julia says:

    Typo: HST+ step 3: should msxml16 be msxml6?

  9. Donette Bell says:

    I am struggling to get reports printed – there is errors for print preview and if I print directly the document looks to be about 5cm in height so I can’t read anything. Any ideas?
    I am running Ubuntu 11.10 i think.

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