Debian 6 released, what to expect in the latest version.

Well after 2 years of work, Debian 6 is now finished and available for download. Debian 6 is latest version of the Debian GNU/Linux operating system and it includes new versions of software that were not available in the previous version of Debian as well as some new features.

One of the major changes is the installer. Debian 6’s installer is easier than it ever was before, it is now a lot easier the change the language & keyboard settings and partitions with the new partition editor. And Debian 6 offers support for the btrfs file system and more importantly the ext4 file system.

Overall, Debian 6 is just like any other Debian release…Solid. Debian isn’t known for frills or the latest software, it is designed to be one of the most stable Linux distributions out there. But Debian 6 does bring a few new features and new software (although still not necessarily the latest), making it a good choice for Debian users (and other Linux users alike) to upgrade to.

Debian 6

Debian 6 (Squeeze)


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