LimeWire gone by court order, alternative FrostWire still here for us.

Well LimeWire, the world’s favorite P2P file sharing program, was given a court order on Oct 20, 2010 “to stop distributing the LimeWire software”. Fortunately for all the people who previously used LimeWire, there is a alternative call Frostwire. Frostwire is almost identical to the free version of LimeWire so it would take almost no new knowledge for a LimeWire user to use FrostWire. And Frostwire even includes some of the features of the LimeWire Pro version like Turbo-charged downloads.

So go ahead and get FrostWire is you like and you can be download in almost no time!

Frostwire has (package) downloads available for Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu/Debian, Android and a tarball for other Linux and Unix users.


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