Internet Explorer 9 released, Microsoft wanting to purge IE 6 from web

March 24, 2011

Last week Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9. It introduced new support for HTML5, CSS3 & a new JavaScript engine. And it will not include support for Windows XP, you’d need Vista or Seven to run it.

And Microsoft wants to purge Internet Explorer 6 from the web. They have even started a website devoted completely to track the removal of IE 6 from PC’s around the world.

Currently (as of Feb 2011) 12% of the world still uses IE6. The highest usage area is Mainland China where 34.5% of the people use it. The reason is that is China a lot of people use pirated copies of Windows XP which they can buy for 50 US cents. Windows XP has IE6 and it is hard to get IE7 or IE8 without using a genuine copy of Windows.

Other areas where a significant amount of people still use IE6 are South Korea (24.8%), Taiwan (10.7%), Japan (10.3%), Vietnam (10%) and South Africa (8.4%).

Microsoft will have a difficult time ripping everyone away from IE6. And not releasing IE9 for Windows XP was a big mistake if they want people to stop using IE6 because now XP users cannot upgrade from IE6 to IE9. But they can still use Firefox which is better anyway.